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"I am a member of the Knoxville Chamber of Commerce because I want to help support our local business community, and I feel the chamber plays an important role in the success of our businesses."


Mayor Brian Hatch

City of Knoxville

"Volunteer members of the Chamber know that a strong business community is n integral part of a vibrant growing community...The Knoxville Journal-Express is proud to have been a member of the Knoxville Chamber of Commerce for most of its 159 year history!"


Maureen Miller

Knoxville Journal-Express

"Knoxville Raceway and the Marion County Fair belong to the Knoxville Chamber of Commerce because that is a gateway to the Knoxville and Marion County community. They provide valuable services to our guests and members who come to town to enjoy the races."


Brian Stickle

Knoxville Raceway

"We're a proud Chamber member because we feel like it's important to give back to our community. The community's only as strong as what we put back in."


Megan McKay

Peace Tree Brewery

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This Week in Knoxville is a quick update on the events happening for the upcoming week in Knoxville. Checking this e-mail when it's sent out on Monday is a great way to make sure you never miss out on something you want to be a part of.

Best of Red Rock

The best of Red Rock is a place where you can vote for your favorite local businesses. You can also see last years winners for ideas of where to shop, eat, stay and more!

Business of the Month!

Knoxville Senior Center

Aging isn't what it used to be and neither are today's senior centers. With a growing focus on wellness, life-time learning, and volunteerism, senior centers are modernizing to meet new needs. So, when it comes to finding tools for staying healthy and involved or finding information about benefits, senior centers are the place to start. This September, during National Senior Center Month, the Knoxville Senior Center invites the community to take part in its programs and to find out more about services.


Knoxville Senior Center is highlighting this year's theme Celebrate LIFE at your Senior Center. The theme embraces positive, active aging and takes a holistic approach to senior center wellness. A host of special activities are planned, including an open house from 5-8:00 p.m. on September 15th at the Knoxville Senior Center. In one evening all programming, classes, activities and services will be showcased.


"Older adults are a dynamic generation, who want the opportunity to share their diverse skills and talents," said Senior Nutrition Director Dawn Allspach-Kline. We provide an outlet for them to learn and commune with their contemporaries, as well as offer tools, resources, and opportunities to help them manage their health and finances to stay independent.


Knoxville Senior Center was established in 1983 and offers innovative activities and programming, such as technology classes, lifelong learning art courses, massage therapy, Alzheimer's support groups, Medicap health hour, walking groups, exercise classes, wellness workshops, health screenings, benefits counseling, information and referral services, foot clinics, nutrition education, congregate meals, meals-on-wheels, volunteer placement, trips, potlucks, cards, and billiards.


To learn more about the Knoxville Senior Center, call 641-842-6070 or visit us at 308 E. Montgomery Street.


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